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I'm Danny Foo. Malaysia website designer and executive director at Simpleet Solutions. We create online solutions made for users.

1st time voter in the Malaysia General Elections

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How to remove indelible ink from Malaysia General Election (GE13)

How to remove indelible ink from Malaysia General Election (GE13)

I’m a 1st time voter and I’m proud to say I had taken my first patriotic duty for my Malaysia. Woohoo! Plus, this is the 1st time indelible ink was used.

How to remove indelible ink?

So, say you wanted to remove the indelible ink. My friends were…

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I wantz AKB0048 Season 3 Final Stage

I wantz AKB0048 Season 3 Final Stage

Completed watching the Second Stage and I enjoyed the last episode the fullest. Can’t help but watch the last episode over and over again. It keeps giving me motivation and lifts me when I’m down. Thank you!

However, I hope they’re coming up with a 3rd…

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Don’t get no face

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Picture editing mistakes

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Watashi wa Danny desu. Dozo yorushikku.

Onamae wa?

I’ve officially started my Japanese lessons and already I’m rather nervous. My 1st class experience began with some students from a level higher mistaking the class. One of them was a girl who figured she…

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What other ways can an umbrella be used for besides shading from the Sun and the rain?

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Ice skating is not inline skating

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Instagram Facebook Login Failed on my iPhone 3GS

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My 1st product video review: MSI Enjoy 71 Windpad tablet

My 1st product video review: MSI Enjoy 71 Windpad tablet

I’ve always wanted to try this; recording myself doing a product review video with the product in my hands. It’s poked my curiosity on how do others record themselves and I finally know now – kinda. Plus, this was different than the time I had help from…

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